Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7

Repeat slacker and repeat ignorant, huh, IE? It wasn’t like that the last time like I was able to use it but some trolls who have been against technology must have been against me like that even until today. And because of this technical offense, I had completely uninstalled IE from my computers in favor of other web browsers. HOW, HOW could they mean to offend me like this for no technical reasons that caused this reaction from me?

Hoho, why IT manufacturing companies? I’ve been supporting the hell out of you but you let someone who’s anti-technology troll on me like that. In any case, I may want to see and make sure that Internet Explorer 10 is getting good, damn it and especially for the Windows 7 version of the browser that will be in November. Well, this has been it for me. The idiotic trolling will continue until few years or perhaps several years later in which the lesson will be learnt on not to mess with me again. You may be spared for knowing my online profile but if you try to test parts of my profile like that, you may be perhaps a selfish one or something.


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