Sonic Jump for IOS and Android

READ, KNOW AND RESEARCH BEFORE YOU DISCUSS, BITCHES! Well, to tell you some truth just after some research, Sonic Jump originally came out in the mid 2000s for the Java powered cell phones. It was FOUR FUCKING YEARS BEFORE DOODLE JUMP CAME OUT, OKAY? STOP ANNOYING US AND OTHER UNDERSTANDABLE FANS, ALRIGHT? If there’s a Java powered cell phone game that will be coming out for the IOS, Android or both, you have to do some research before you talk, discuss, blog, tweet, comment or whatsoever depending on where do you want to share!

It’s interesting to take a look at this game because we had already played other similar games without even noticing it completely. Thank god, I didn’t even notice this in the first place but after some research, I just made some realization about this game as shown in the first paragraph. Basically, you keep on jumping all the way up to the top without falling off but I don’t know if the controls are good in this one because I’ve never played this or other games on my IOS device. On such games for IOS devices, the controls are assumed to be good but here, there are some extras. You can do the double jump similar to Sonic Unleashed, Colors, Generations and even the classic games as long as you have the lightning shield. There are also items that do their own purposes as well as enemies and other obstacles you may have to look out for. I don’t know if there’s a water related zone because it can be difficult like that and you may end up drowning even worse when you keep on jumping like that while underwater. This prediction may be based on Labyrinth Zone boss battle where you have to reach the top without losing a life.

Oh, and there are additional playable characters which may be a smooth idea for 2D platforming but for Miles Tails Prower, I don’t know if you can fly in this game like trying to reach upwards like that.


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