Alto for Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail and .Mac

Maybe the real musical traitor may be the one who was the artist of the worst western autotuned song of last year that she was given the death threats like nobody’s gonna save her, not even Alto, the new email service from AOL can save her ass. This may be when some corrupt politicians have captured her in the middle of the execution of the bad laws like she’s forced to sing in front of the people working at the government during the internet war of the future. But enough of that, it seems that AOL is planning the new cloud-based email product called, Alto, the successor to AOL Mail we’ve been using. It is designed to be used with existing email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, .Mac and .Me accounts. This new free email platform reimagines the email experience from the group up with a focus on combatting inbox fatigue and speaking of reimgination, it is going to be a messy reference to Windows 8’s development motto. Alto blends powerful organizational features and an elegant, clear user experience to provide users with visual relief from inboxes overloaded with a constant flow of daily deals, newsletters, social notifications and more. Its ultimate goal is to put the user back in control of their email experience.

The basis is organization by design, using a new tool called “stacks” that automatically pull out and organize important pieces of a user’s inbox for easy access and quick viewing. You can drag and drop individual emails to create your own stacks based on sender, recipients, keywords and so on. Alto doesn’t require new email address and instead, you can use existing email accounts just like importing your existing email accounts to the IOS Mail app.

Alto provides users with a visual story of their email inboxes using a variety of innovative features designed to make it easy to sort through and find what is really important.

  • Stacks – Alto automatically creates stacks which give users an easy, intelligent and dynamic way to deal with inbox clutter. These stacks are built around the important pieces of a user’s email, are intuitively designed and simple to use. For example, Alto is pre-loaded with stacks that are built to automatically surface photos, attachments and social notifications, retailers and daily deals.
  • Photo Stacks – Photos can also be stacked from social networking sites. You can take a look at the long buried photos or instantly see new ones as they arrive.
  • Attachments – Alto is cloud based email service that downloads or additional applications are not needed.
  • People – Like other email services, you can import other accounts of yours such as your social networking accounts and you can use this service to see the latest social updates of your contacts and people you have in common similar to your Hotmail and Yahoo accounts and their messenger apps.

Alto is available in limited preview today which accepts new users on a first come, first serve basis. You can sign up at


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