Xbox Music offers streaming to Windows 8, RT, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox 360

Wow, download-to-own music services similar to ITunes as well as Internet Radio Services and subscription services that allow us to consume all the music you want. ONLY WESTERNIZED MUSIC IS THERE! WHO’S GONNA USE THIS SERVICE IF THERE’S NO EASTERN ONE? At least in Itunes, things are already fair enough that there will be no complaints whatsoever and this whole musical power Microsoft has is a JOKE! It’s like Google has better power in that case. And in fact, I still haven’t even seen the Korean music CDs in any case like people end up tuning to those music online perhaps through video sharing sites.

You know, you can buy songs through credit cards from ITunes Music Store and store them to your mobile devices and ITunes Music Store is one of those digital purchase services which may be a future way of enjoying the music you want easily on any device. For Xbox Music, you can subscribe to the music you want or download the songs to your devices. Through the power of the cloud, it effortlessly integrates the music experience across your devices.

There will be free temporary streaming of music for Windows 8 and RT devices while Xbox Music Pass allows unlimited access to the songs including the offline access. The real challenge is that Xbox Music Pass is costly monthly of US$9.99 per month. This service will be available tomorrow for Xbox 360, in October 26th for Windows 8 and RT devices, Windows Phone 8 later and IOS and Android in the future.

Tune in the music if you want with Xbox Music but you’re screwing your money over!


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