Another shitty law coming in the same country again

If the failure of the bill wasn’t enough in October 3rd, then the Filipinos should be prepared to watch out for another one targeting their same country. No pretenses intended anyway but as a member of Internet Defense League regardless of national living, things like this have to be reported here based on our discoveries.

This time, this new bill is targeting the concerns of licensed music. Ripping the music taken from the genuine CDs you’ve bought can lead you to jail which is kind of simple bullshit nobody cares of. The famous examples for this action will be the use of Windows Media Player, ITunes, RealPlayer, QuickTime and even Winamp. In fact, storing the music to the cloud is illegal as well like someone working on this bill must be pretending to be smart. Talk about the Perfect Bill Class where some idiot is teaching people not to mess with the copyright law in newly useless ways only to get thwarted by the huge amount of people who want peace and freedom to the Internet like he’s not able to fight back. Speaking of Solar Entertainment, the network flares had already been unleashed several times. Each time the bill was executed, the flares were already unleashed, resulting in the disruption of the networking environment that people were pissed in RAGE! It’s like the fake invisible auroras that looked in white color were looming the skies of United States, Europe and some Asian countries without whatever environmental affection. Another factor to look out for is the streaming of media files including embedded media files and stuffs that are already shown on the media players on the product’s official websites, oh, that includes the music playing in the background in which you can’t even find where does it come from. Sure, you can turn off the music if you want but you may realize that the Music Playback Toggle Option thingy is a very tiny data but the music is obviously in hundreds to thousands of kilobytes. When you visit the product’s official website that has MUSIC PLAYING out of nowhere on the background, that’s considered streaming the preview version of the song but what about the advertisements. That’s right, the advertisements that are placed everywhere on the Internet. What are they gonna do about the advertisements, huh? You know, those behind this new bill are kind of stupid garbages  for sure. Speaking of embedded media files like embedded media players, you know that you can tune in to certain media data from whatever site you visit. The most sensitive one will be the downloads of media files but that’s not much to talk about. Oh and don’t forget the last factor. It is about some fan contribution to the media people like as if certain stuffs have been derived such as mixes, mashups, parodies, SONG COVERS, YOUR OWN dance or whatever it is, slideshows, usage of songs of some videos and even the usage of songs for some educational projects.

Overall, all these factors here are bullshit like this new stupid bill is there at Philippines to arrest anyone who’s in possession of media files on the websites, clouds and even for streaming and contributing media stuffs. It doesn’t matter which type of site you regularly visit anyway. So, what about the licensed stuffs in movies, games, animations and other shows, huh? Do those behind this bill have the real rights to do this bullshit? You know, they are freaking selfish and naughty after the previous bill failed in October 3rd.

You know what else is bullshit? The one behind this new bill is also behind the bill that outlaws sex toys. What are sex toys? Toys or figures that are invented in 18+ style? It may sound stupider and more retarded than this but that’s beyond the report.

By SilveryFJ Posted in ITunes

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