Non-game software on Steam

Perhaps Steam is the better service to use on desktop and laptop computers than that freaking Windows Store and the non-gaming software store from Steam may be the answer to Windows Store. The software there is interesting to explore but the apps there are seriously costly. Here are the following titles for you to purchase from Steam:

  • Game Maker Studio: The latest program in the family that allows people to make their own games for Steam Workshop, IOS, Android, computers and even HTML5. It saves time in development rather than having to code for native languages but depending on the development quality, the development of the game can take up from weeks to months in order to make the creation even better. Optionally, there can be updated versions of the creations perhaps for better features and bug fixes. The only downside of the free version compared to Game Maker Lite is that the resources are very limited.
  • 3D Coat: A 3D modeling CGI program that allows you to model the characters and character dresses. There will be layers to paint with, voxel sculpting, UV-Mapping, Retotoplogy and best of all, the linking with Photoshop. You can use this as well as Photoshop for better texturing processes through multiple layers.
  • ArtRage Studio: It may be like Photoshop and Illustrator but damn, it looks kind of professional enough to be on par with them. Even better is that you can import and export PSD files which keep layers, layer groups, blend modes and editable text layers.
  • CameraBag 2: The photo tweaking and enhancement program that allows you to enhance your photos even further. Choose from 100+ built-in styles and filters or create and share your own. There are full suites of 25+ manual photographic tools including advanced curve editors. Using Analog Engine, it has high-fidelity, 32-bits-per-channel, non-destructive, multi-threaded image processing which can be fast and smooth. Its old-school looks are particularly high tech in recreating the natural blemishes and random variations which may be one of the hardest digital challenges and that’s where the research of the developers of this program is much devoted. With the Analog Engine, even the most heavily-modified photos will retain smooth, film-like colors. The program may be best suited for laptops but you can also use it for the desktop for advanced multimedia purposes.
  • Source Filmmaker: The program that is currently in public beta and it is the movie-making tool built and used by Valve to make movies inside the Source game engine. Because it uses the same assets as the game, anything that exists in the game can be used in the movie and vice versa. You can get started with this prototype program and see the base game assets from Team Fortress 2 along with assets from some of the first Meet The Team short films. Go use it now, you’re gonna want this for advanced video making.


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