New MSN For Windows 8

Oh man, I bet that there will be lawsuits for browser unfairness like this. Why is the New MSN exclusive to Internet Explorer 10? What about the other browsers in the metro style, huh?

Well, at least things can be easier and optimized for tablets but then this kind of experience will be available in October 26th. In addition to the news in various categories, there’s also the weather gadget on the site where you can choose to share whatever you want to Facebook, Skype or perhaps Twitter. You can also view Hotmail account from there like you may want to check out the incoming mails. In addition to the home page, there will be gadgets on other pages as well but I don’t know if they are considered gadgets or not because on the home page, the weather thing surely looks like the freaking gadget.

OK, I already had enough of Internet Explorer as it kept on refusing to corporate with my whole home network that I switched to other browsers instead but guess what, it seems that XINMSN is still stuck on the current way like it hasn’t evolved yet. The evolution will take on October 26th where everything looks Metro-ized but I don’t know how XINMSN will look like for Internet Explorer 10. Try using other web browsers in metro style and I don’t think it’s gonna work that way but hopefully, this will not be another disappointment for Windows tablet users.


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