Project Diva series updates

Oh man, freaking DLCs for Project Diva F featuring additional accessories and additional characters? Looks like those additional characters are back after their additional debuts in Project Diva 2nd and Extend but to have them available in Project Diva extend, you’re going to need Project Diva 2nd in order to import some stuffs from Project Diva 2nd. It is really disappointing that the only way to extend the second series will be the modules, not the songs themselves and even the Dreamy Theater Extend is guilty of this disappointment. Other announcements include the songs and modules taken from Project Mirai that will be used in Project Diva Arcade. Wow, it’s like the characters have gone back to normal form. If only there’s Edit Mode for Project Mirai, it could have gained even more replayability just like the on-going Project Diva series but it’s too bad that it might have become a real disappointing spin-off. What’s good though is the character concept, the AR Mode, new gameplay, My Room Mode and even the songs but those are not enough to keep increasing the momentum of the game and the sales are sort of affected as well. The last announcement involves the Playstation 3 version of Project Diva F that will be released next year as well as the collaboration with other game by Sony on the Playstation 3 and Vita in which those accessories will be added to Project Diva F as DLCs. Previously, there was a similar collaboration but that was for the Playstation 3 of that Sony game. Another one involves the Vocaloid Live On Stage on Playstation Home which was used to promote the release of original Project Diva on PSP. It’s a shame that the momentum is kind of insufficient enough even for Project Diva F due to the fact that the Playstation Vita is already struggling due to lack of needed games.

These were all shown at Tokyo Game Show late last month by Sega.


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