Jubeat Saucer

In addition to the update for IIDX Tricoro, there is also the initial release for Jubeat Saucer that took place yesterday. For Jubeat Coupious Append, it features certain BEMANI crossover songs that Jubeat Saucer also has but according to some Bemani Wiki, Jubeat Saucer is said to be the first one to feature Bemani crossover songs. In addition, the soundtrack of this game will be out in November 21st. However, we don’t even know what are the new songs that are exclusive to Jubeat Saucer not because the game was just released yesterday. Speaking of songs list, it is the first game to have the certain songs removed by having 15-20 existing songs replaced with the new ones. The songs can be licensed ones, Bemani crossovers or entirely new songs so keep a look out for this occurrence every month which may be why it can be time consuming for the ones behind the wikis to keep on researching and updating them actively.

Lastly for IIDX Tricoro, the update already took place yesterday but we don’t know about what’s new in the update. I assume that the update may contain additional stuffs, additional songs, etc, but we may have doubts that the remaining machines running IIDX Lincle would be upgraded to IIDX Tricoro so that people can have the high definition experience.



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