New Itunes in October

This is the new Itunes from Apple whose player skin is redesigned with newer library views for smarter collection. From each Album in the Albums view, you can expand and preview the tracks you want to listen to. You can choose to buy the song or perhaps the entire album which is powered by ITunes Store. There’s also the New MiniPlayer which may be something like Windows Media Player in Mini Mode or something.

Then there are bonus features such as instant recommendations and you can choose What’s Up Next. It’s sort of like the homepage of YouTube with video recommendations as if ITunes will suggest music you may have never found on your own. Will that be a good suggestion? Already know what you want to listen to? Then you can use the new Up Next feature in ITunes that lets you select a song and easily queue it to play next or last depending on the song order you may want to arrange.

The interface will be changed for computers and IOS devices so the program will work the same wherever you shop for new music, movies, TV Shows and even more. The Preview History which is again powered by ICloud, allows you to keep the preview history up to date across all your devices that are powered by that cloud service. Preview History is the quick rundown of all the music, movies and TV shows you’ve sampled. Furthermore, the music, TV shows and movies you’ve bought from ITunes store will be synchronized with ICloud so that you can play on any device with ICloud whether you go such as your IOS device for example after buying the music on your computer from ITunes Store.


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