Apple IOS 6 Arrived

Finally, IOS 6 arrived yesterday and I forgot to blog about it as well as the new Itunes in which I will try to do that later. Here are the apps we’re going to talk here but more of these can be found in this link:

  • Facebook – As the social networking site is way too popular, it is now part of the IOS 6 so that there’s no reason for you to obtain that from the App Store but will the app become more improved? In IOS6, you can share photos, locations from Maps app, high score from Game Center app and other stuffs to Facebook easily. Also, the Facebook events and contacts are integrated into your Apple account similar to the integration done to your other existing email accounts. New to IOS6 includes the Facebook Like button on ITunes and App Store.
  • Shared Photo streams – People using ICloud on IOS 6 device or Mac running Mountain Lion can get photos delivered immediately in the Photo app or Iphoto through Photo Streams. You can also view Shared Photo Streams on Apple TV since the latest generation of Apple TV is based on IOS that you can view the photos with the power of ICloud although we’re not sure if there will be IOS 6 for Apple TV. There’s also the web viewing of Photo Streams similar to viewing photos on Skydrive or other cloud storage services.
  • Mail – There will be photo and video attachments on the messages but for videos, it is not an easy feat no matter what. There’s also the VIP list which is exclusive to IOS 6 to indicate which messages are important to you. It’s going to be freaking useful but THAT KIND OF PRIORITY should be released earlier in the first place like having the new special folder that contains important messages only. When they’re marked as important , there should be a new special folder like what IOS 6’s VIP folder has.
  • Safari – New to IOS 6 includes the cloud bookmarks similar to other web browsers like Google Chrome in which you can synchronize the bookmarks. Also, you can even view webpages offline as well as in full-screen landscape.
  • Find My Friends – There are lots of apps that share your location to social networking sites but this one is IOS 6 exclusive as I don’t think this can be in IOS 5 and below. Using the map, your friends can be located on where they are in this app which you may want to take some opportunity to go to the places your friends have gone to one day or perhaps ensure that your friends remain as safe as possible.
  • App Store and ITunes Store – You can see what’s new in music, movies, TV shows, apps and other stuffs at the top of each store’s home page. Keep track of the ones you’ve previewed with the History button and when you’re ready to obtain, tap Buy to add something to your collection whether they are free or paid but be careful, you do not want to run into those things that are kind of stupid, not working or even plagued with other flaws. Like cloud bookmarks, the history for these stores is iCloud powered.


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