Kokuga for 3DS

There comes another game from G.Rev and it will be bound for September release. Basically, it’s a Tank Action game that has the shmup elements. It may seem to look like an action game than a shmup game because you’re moving the tank manually around the map. I may assume that having another thumb-stick may improve the gameplay or something due to the use of twin-stick action. One to move the tank, the other to move the weapon. On the bottom screen, you can apply special weapons and other stuffs on the cards. Up to four players are available for Co-Op action but I don’t know if that is an inaccurate idea or not. The foreground layer consists of 3D solid polygonal graphics while the background layer consists of the normal 3D graphics but the background layer takes place inside stage with the outside being the gradient filled background. Another downside of the game is that there are pixelated graphics and the gradient shading doesn’t seem to be full enough. This may look like a PSP game on steroids in terms of graphics.


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