RIPE NCC is soon running out of IPv4 addresses

Well, if you have been knowing things about IPv4, IPv6 and other networking technology, you probably may just be aware that we’re already running out of IPv4 addresses but RIPE NCC isn’t the only one that is going to run out soon that we might need to migrate to IPv6. Today, I’m still IPv6 enabled although having to get my computer connected to it may be inaccurate. Starting with IOS 6, you’re able to get IPv6 support which may be neat in the future.

RIPE NCC, the regional internet registry for Asia, Europe and Middle East has warned that it’s down to assigning its last set of the remaining IPv4 addresses as of this week and perhaps by this year of in the future, the IPv4 will soon be completely empty of supplies as if we’re running out of supplies, resources and other tools needed to continue on that there may be signs of hunger strike or something coming in.

There will be lots of information to find out at as there will be too much to explain in the blog here.

By SilveryFJ Posted in Apple

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