Idolmaster Shiny Festa September Update

There is a new feature called Star of Festa Mode in which this five day event is locked until you earn enough fans and improve your idol unit rank. Well, this one may seem to be easy enough because it’s a different game than the original Idolmaster series where you have to manage the idols you want and besides, the games are in Japanese entirely.

According to the details from Famitsu magazine, each day in this new mode has three songs to play. The third stage is an idol battle where your idol unit group will battle live against other idol groups but who knows what’s with Project Jupiter nowadays after getting out of 961 Productions due to finding out the tyrant and nasty actions of President Kuroi. If you defeat the rival idol group, you’ll get the business card as a reward. The mode takes place over five days where votes are cast on which idol unit is the best so your job is produce well and make sure you can defeat the weaknesses that are going at you and other fans.


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