Arrival of Iphone 5 and Ipod Touch 5th Gen

Yesterday, Apple announced the new Iphone and Ipod Touch as well as the new ITunes which is version 11.

If the previous models were not light enough, they have come up with such a remarkably thin and light design but then, it’s nearly impossible to make a device that thin and light without sacrificing features or performance. From the interface of IOS 6, it may seem to be the same but having to make things clean and modern like trying to make things fast is like sacrificing the visuals already.

For Iphone 5, it contains the usage of nano-SIM card, which is 44% smaller than the micro-SIM cards. They also developed a unique cellular solution for it. Previously, there’s one voice chip and one data chip for the previous models but for Iphone 5, they are merged into one whole chip which can save some space needed for other stuffs. Also, the Lightning connector which is intelligent and reversible and 80% smaller than the 30-pin connector. In addition, the 8MP iSight camera has even more features like panorama and dynamic low-light mode and yet it’s 20% smaller. Finally, the new A6 chip is up to 2X faster than the A5 chip but 22% smaller. With all these features being small, the Iphone 5 is overall lighter than Iphone 4S.

This year, there will be new EarPods from Apple which may look different than the earpieces of Apple we’re currently using. Furthermore, the Apple EarPods can provide stronger protection from sweat and water and they’re remarkably stable in the ear but the thing is, can the wires for this be even longer?

In addition, the Iphone 5 will have the ultrafast wireless adapter that doesn’t sacrifice battery life but what about the adapter that connects to the Data Network which can be costly? What’s also new in Iphone 5 is the widescreen resolution mixed with Retina Display similar to Android devices. So in the future, the games will be using widescreen mode for Iphone 5 and Ipod Touch 5th as well as Android devices with widescreen resolution as if the games will not be compatible for Iphone 4 and Ipod Touch 4th Gen and below. You can try to squeeze the 4:3 game as if the whole game is suited for 16:9 display while it can be compatible for Ipod Touch 4th Gen and Iphone 4 as well as the newer versions of IOS devices but who knows. Due to the use of widescreen display, the devices will be in widescreen and you get to watch widescreen videos without the worry of letterboxing. Unfortunately, the resolution is still not enough to match today’s standard HD resolution, 1280X720 so you’re better off watching on today’s notebook computer or Ipad devices if you will. You can also watch HD videos without pixel-loss on Android devices with HD resolution.

Using LTE wireless technology, it is able to bring about the faster wireless connection. In addition, Iphone 5 can support more networks globally. That includes advanced networks such as HSPA, HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA. The Dual-band 802.11n can accelerate the Wi-Fi speed of up to 150Mbps. Even better is the even longer battery life of up to 8 hours of browsing on a cellular connection, up to 8 hours of talk time and up to 10 hours of video playback time. What about the games and other apps that take a whole lot of the battery life?

(Sigh), when it comes to taking pictures with the camera technology, the noise is freaking everywhere. I can use the Webcam for video capture which is fine after making things sharper with proper Focus adjustments but even then, the noise is still there. Can the Iphone 5 and Ipod Touch 5th Gen reduce the noise? And best of all, you can capture a 1080p video to be displayed on the TV.

For the Lightning connector, it is somewhat thinner than the 30-pin Adapter we have been using but if you still want to use the old connector for Iphone 5, you’re going to need the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter for this.

Other features may include AirPrint, AirPlay and Built-In Apps for Iphone 5. For the improved Mail, you can see more portions of the messages thanks to the widescreen support on Iphone 5 and Ipod Touch 5th Gen. You can view the attachments from the messages but be careful, there are technical factors for the attachments. You can add photos or videos to emails but for videos, they may be too large so what’s the freaking point of adding videos as the attachments. There’s also the ICloud support for Mail but I don’t happen to be receiving lots of mail on that account so I’m already sticking on to Hotmail and AOL accounts on my Ipod Touch.

The Iphone 5 will be available in September 21st.


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