Dodonpachi Saidaioujou for Xbox 360

At the Microsoft Xbox event in Japan called Xbox 360 Great Appreciation Festival, Cave had announced that there will be an upcoming Xbox 360 port next year in Spring. It will have an additional Elemental Doll as well as the Arrange Mode in which we don’t even know at this moment. Unfortunately, while the game trailer was shown in the event, it wasn’t posted online on YouTube.

Speaking of Great Appreciation Festival, it seemed that the developers of Ginga Force also had their game on the trial list but unfortunately, it seemed that Cave was the first to show-off the earliest at the event yesterday at 4PM although their latest game, Dodonpachi Saidaioujou is NOT in the trial list. This was when they just announced that there will be a release of it on Xbox 360 in the future. Who knows what games will be on the speech list in September 1st? Another unfortunate thing was that Ginga Force is delayed and the release date will be pushed to sometime later this year than August 30th.



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