Idolmaster Shiny Festa update 2

The release date for this pack of 3 games will be sometime in October 25th and that’s something that should be an anticipated product of October this year instead. Just like the Idolmaster games on the PSP which are divided into different version, this one seems to be the having the same way except that the whole game is like the competitor to Project Diva series. This is what an Idolmaster arcade game should have been in the first place.

From Package Information taken from the game’s official website, you get to receive the accessories that are the tributes to the game and the franchise. However, the accessory list is incomplete and more works still have to be done. From there, those will lead you to other websites.

At Gameplay Information tab, there will be songs taken from the original Idolmaster series in addition to the newer songs, newer music videos in multiple forms and additional story. Indeed, unlike Project Diva series, this one has story mode in which you are invited to the International Idolmaster Music Festival. What is that International Music Festival? Does it take place outside Japan? Well, who knows but better still, the console itself is region free but there will be no translations whatsoever to avoid attracting the stupid people out there from the west from trying to make stupid comments about the franchise like saying that certain music artists from the west are better or something. For gameplay, there will be notes approaching from the left and right sides and when they reach the target which is on the center, you press the corresponding buttons. Notes that appear from the left will be pressed with any button on the left side of the console so the gameplay should be quite easier enough than Project Diva series.

There’s also the Shop menu similar to Project Diva series and Idolmaster franchise where you can enhance the idols and the gameplay system. There are extra stuffs Project Diva series doesn’t have which are the Idol Unit Ranking and the number of fans depending on how well you play and manage the idols to the stardom. There will be cutscenes and the Shining Burst taken from Idolmaster 2. To activate the Shining Burst which is simple, you must make sure that the meter bar on the top left is completely full then watch out for the Star notes and hit them when they reach the target. There will be green notes as well in which both sides of any buttons must be pressed, one button from left side and the other from right side.

Finally, when you start the game, you get to see the anime opening sequence but keep in mind, there will be additional anime cutscenes and music videos in which the anime based on the game doesn’t have.


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