Project Diva F Update–Flash Mob

If we probably think of having a School Flash Mob with Weekender Girl short version dance thingy, we should perhaps think again because not all people may appreciate the Vocaloid technology and the famous virtual music artists utilized using that technology that people may end up complaining against us for executing such a plan like that. It’s like their complaints will consist of robotic voice in which we don’t care about that complaint as long as we still like that technology as well as the virtual artists from Crypton Future Media. The other but stupid complain we had seen on the net may indicate the existence of the artists and third is the language itself. Simply translating the whole song, Weekender Girl, into English and then using the translated version for that Flash Mob may worsen the situation and especially when using the non-original singer which may cause a different complaint. I think it is best to use the original version as it is indeed the best way. Use that in your school if you want provided that you are one of the Bridge Leaders or whatever for orientation next time but be careful, because like I predicted here, there doesn’t seem to be guarantee for things similar to this to happen and especially when you choose the other Vocaloid songs instead of Weekender Girl for the orientation. When complaints come in like that no matter how accurate your plan is, you may either get trolled or scolded for sure that you will not come up such plan again next time but it’s going to be a great opportunity, right? So what the hell is wrong with not using that kind of idea in the future?

If you’re not into Flash Mob thingy like me, better stick on to gaming and in the meantime, you can get anticipated games like Project Diva F for Playstation Vita and 3. Another one is Project Diva Arcade Ver B and gaming is something we should do in the first place so we can forget the shit about that torturing orientation that happened to me in April this year like you can screw that event for me.


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