More rhythm games that are using more Vocaloid music

UNBELIEVABLE, even Dance Evolution Arcade from Konami recently had one Vocaloid song that was also in Project Diva Extend, Arcade and even Sega’s Maimai! That was like the third opportunity from Konami to spread this kind of music as well in addition to Namco continuing to add more of those songs. However, to keep something secret or whatever for Konami, they had decided NOT to use the original version but rather, the version of the song that is sung by the other singer. That’s right, that version is second most popular in addition to the original version.

Moreover, it seems that Sega’s Maimai website was updated and it also has additional Vocaloid songs out there. Hell, the game was already out in July 11th without my notice but at that time, the song list looks kind of initial similar to Dance Evolution Arcade as more work will still have to be done. To look for those songs in Maimai official website, go to Variety genre after selecting Song List button. From there, you can see that two of the songs I think are NOT in Project Diva series AT ALL. Other two of the songs had made it to Project Diva Arcade but it seems that Zigg-Zagg is only in Project Diva Arcade. Happy Synthesizer is in Maimai and Project Mirai. Last known song out of six known songs in the list is W****’s *** Dance Hall which is going to be in Project Diva F in addition to being in Maimai. The remaining threes are question marked so we don’t know what those songs are until the update in the future.

Meanwhile for Namco, in addition to including more Vocaloid songs in New Taiko No Tatsujin, there was a 3DS port which has those songs taken from the arcade version. If you have Taiko No Tatsujin Portable DX on PSP, the songs taken from the latest Taiko No Tatsujin arcade game are available as DLC so enjoy playing really hard songs that may be impossible for you. What’s surprising is that, Tell Your World IS FINALLY IN TAIKO NO TATSUJIN GAMES! WOW, BRAVO to Namco and we hope that Sega can add this song to their rhythm games as well.


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