System Administrator Day in July 27th

Lol, what was I doing like that by then? The Advanced SystemCare with AntiVirus on my computer expired yesterday that I had to uninstall it, leaving it running Windows 8 RP to be unprotected. In fact, I didn’t even get the opportunity to get some full rest on that day by playing some console games but still, my computer got no rest at all. And worst of all on that day, the London Olympics had apparently started which almost ruined the special day for System Administrators.

Yesterday was the System Administrator Day and we had to give System Administrators a respect for their hard work and dedication. This was the day the administrators got some rest 24 hours. Everyday, the system administrator have their endless jobs to do 364 days a year. It is supposed to be 365 days a year but because of System Administrator Day which is the special day, it is decreased by one to 364. The more they work with good and serious business attitude, the more they get paid and they can spend their business cash on buying additional technical devices as parts of the jobs. It is a must when something goes down that repairing is required or when the technology in the company is getting damn old that it requires some upgrade.

Finally, we will like to thank the System Administrators for their hard work and they must ensure that things are working smoothly without causing the workers any technical problem that causes the clients the same problems as well.

So what does System Administrator do? Well, he takes care of the technological systems as his endless job. He is to clean up the computers and servers from viruses, errors and other technical problems and especially replace the devices that are not working anymore. Another thing he does is to bring storage devices from one server, disk arrays or even the current data center to another perhaps to process from another, perform backups from various networks to the others, for us and the company. It is the professional, with complex skills, ethical challenges and a daunting IT job. The challenge of this job is about making technological systems work smoothly for us even if one part of the device fails. Basically, it is about taking the staggering array of technologies, acronyms, protocols, networks, vendors, budgets, limited time, competing products and threats the computer network, and assembling them all together in a complete working system. The job as the system administrator is not only to be the geek in the corner who uses the computer and types on stuff all day, but it is also about bringing these diverse pieces of technology into order, and fitting them together to fill your needs. However, the downside of the job is that, things are still not perfect and we’re still figuring out on how to make things perfect. Being a system admin takes a certain boldness, to be one of the first people to take on the challenge of turning difficult computers into easy to use ones. But in case one system admin gets stuck, the other can help so that system admin is not the only system admin in the field to work on.

Lastly, when you think of the system administrator, think of the people who run the servers that help you clean it off, the people who run the backup to make sure your data is safe, the people who bring you the network, the people who monitor things for security and the people who clean off the threats off your computer and replaces your failed devices.


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