Other activities in July 27th

While it was System Administrator day two days ago, the others had no time to spare such as the start of the Olympic games, the recent activities from Sega and various Vocaloid producers and more.

For Sega AM2 over the upcoming Project Diva F, there was a news on the official website indicating the updated online shop or some sort containing accessories that are the tributes to the game and the collaboration between Sega, Crypton Future Media and Piapro for the module designs. So far, the Kimono outfits are the only collaborations on the official website but we can see more of these at Piapro website. For the latest trailer posted two days ago, it seems that the developers have done like 19 songs out of 30 more. It may be really disappointing if the song list is less than 39 songs for this latest game.

Next is the new songs from Deco*27 and Sasakure.uk. They had come up with the birthday song for the upcoming August 31st as part of Miku’s 5th Anniversary Contest. The premise of the contest is that it must be completely Vocaloid related and the birthday song for her should be the original composition and the premises of the music video must be about her and her birthday. The song name is ’39’ which represents her or Thank You, so a big thank you to all the known Vocaloid producers out there including Yahama, Crypton Future Media and Sega for such an advanced technology phenomenon. Not to mention, thanking the Vocaloid characters we all know and like. I believe that the contest is until July 30th or something before the best birthday song will be chosen. Choose an existing simple birthday song as everyone knows for your project and it’s a simple slap and shame on you, lol. I mean the song that is made out of 4 lines only and that is that so plan your birthday carefully in the advanced way.

Next, since two days ago from me, the latest remix I did was DJ Taka’s Broken from Reflec Beat and it was just finished today. However, there are some flaws, the notes may be somewhat incorrect in keys or the timing and the vocal and Synth parts were likely to be flawed. Although the rendered version or the final version is better with correct sets of notes, it is not the same for the NWC and MIDI files. The NWC file is the first step in sequencing all the stuffs before exporting to MIDI format in which I import to FL Studio for inputting respective instruments and making final corrections through Piano Roll feature. Once the rendition sounds good, I may decide to export to MP3 and then share to the respective public locations. However, not all songs for games may be appropriate for me to publicize my remixes of but they can be found on my DropBox storage.

Download for the MP3 file is right here.

Finally, there was some Reflec Beat festival happening two days ago and it has newer songs including the upcoming sequel to Reflec Beat Limelight called Colette. What surprised me was that the system BGM of Sound Voltex Booth was finally available in Reflec Beat Limelight and Colette as the theme song of that game.


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