Project Diva F Latest PV

What, what were the developers doing? Are they out of other resources? There’s new graphical engine as well as new songs and modules… BUT THE SONG LIST IS AS SHORTER THAN EVER! HOW IS THIS A RESPECT TO NUMBER 39 LIKE THAT? Look at the song list, according to the PV video, the song list is like up to 31 new songs. The one that adds the song list to 32 songs is not new because it is already from Project Mirai on 3DS. The best bet is that the song list must be above 39 songs or it is going to be quite disappointing although the Edit Mode is able to save the asses of the custom music video makers.

Of course, there’s going to be Phantasy Star Online 2 collaboration in this game like you may want some Vocaloid stuff on the non-Japanese version of PSO2 but the thing is, there are players of Phantasy Star franchise who are against that technology like they want Sega to kick those characters off this online game. Lastly, since Project Diva F is going to be on Playstation Vita, it may seem that those who are Anti-Vita may comment on why this game is not in Playstation Portable. The reason for being in PS Vita regards the new graphical engine which is quite new compared to the current Project Diva games we already know of. Perhaps you can save your ass with this new upcoming Dreamy Theater F for Playstation 3 next year like you may want to play that version instead after buying Project Diva F and Playstation Vita. If rhythm games are your reasons in buying Playstation Vita, so be it because the serious disadvantage right now is the console’s expensive price due to lack of sufficient game library. What’s useful however is the AR Live Mode similar to Project Mirai as well as some kind of real-life activity which may spoil you apart like you’re playing Love Plus games or something.

Buy this game and DJ Max Technika as well as Playstation Vita if you like/want but you have to watch out for retarded douche-bags, fan-fags or whatever in any location you’re in and don’t get caught playing the PS Vita by them. But what the hell should we do in that case? Should we keep the console a secret?


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