Virtual Keyboard in Windows 8

Ever since Windows XP Tablet Edition where there might be the virtual keyboard program which is the specialized On-Screen Keyboard in addition to the Handwriting area on the tablets with stylus in which you can write some text you want but then the virtual keyboard is way better than using virtual handwriting, right? On Windows 7, the touch screen feature may be improved but even so, the interactivity is still unfriendly enough on the tablet devices.

On Windows 8, you have multiple ways to enter text on the virtual keyboard such holding the tablet with two hands while using your thumbs to type, resting the device in which you can use your fingers to do proper touch-typing similar to typing like that on the laptops or you can use one hand to hold the device and use the other hand to type but that may be a challenge.

However, there may seem to be the problem interacting like that on the devices that make use of the glassy screen which may be troublesome but the developers are trying to find some ways to fix it. Glassy screen may be the reason on why the mobile devices are apparently using the term, Retina Display, to multiply the screen resolution by 2 which can make screen identification different. So if you see the mobile device with no real screen pixelation or whatever, that may indicate that the device is apparently using Retina Display and the result is that things are getting much sharper.

Then, there comes the Numbers part on the virtual keyboard. You may notice that the numbers are missing by default but then we prefer to type in the numbers through the number pad in which even laptops computers don’t even have the separated number pad. Instead, the number pad is somewhere on the keyboard which may be weird in typing the numbers like that. Nowadays, there are laptops with SEPARATED number pad which on the right side of the laptop keyboard formed to make the keyboard a complete whole. Strangely enough on Android and IOS devices, if you want to type in the numbers, you may have to switch to another set of virtual keys, the one with the symbols and the numbers instead of the letters, that is. For Windows 8, there will be the virtual number pad if you switch to another set of virtual keys by switching to &123 mode. From there, you can scroll through the symbols you want to enter in in addition to entering in the numbers.

There was a prototype virtual keyboard which has the Shift key with multiple levels similar to Android and IOS devices, Numbers Key, Symbol Key, Tab Key and Emotions Key. However, not all special toggling keys were made available as the lab test on this apparently failed that it confused the shit out of the participants in which their typing came to a halt. Accented characters well, that should be in another set of virtual keys because holding one letter may be ridiculous like that. When did IOS and Android devices have such kind of feature like that?

Other than one to two flaws in virtual keyboard in Windows 8 for tablets, this feature is a must try just like using other tablet devices.


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