New Office with Touch?

From what I identified from the look of the interface compared to the other tablet applications, the borders for the buttons are obviously missing which may be tough to tap onto. Another problem is the Dropdown Boxes such as selecting the font you want or the font size on the tablet. When you tap on those boxes, there should be tablet way of scrolling up and down with the finger swiping so that you can tell the scroll bar to go screw itself. So, how is the spacing between the buttons making the interface touch friendly enough? You can go ahead in using the desktop app of Microsoft Office on the tablet but since things are getting better but inaccurately for interacting with fingers, perhaps you will still need the stylus for your work in which you can get around the problem. So, for the font you want for the text to be chosen on the tablet device, there should be finger swiping feature that replaces the scroll bar in Touch Mode as well as the virtual keyboard popping up. Of course, it may be problematic for tablets running this new version of Microsoft Office on Windows 7 so I suggest that you use Windows 8 WITH the new version of Microsoft Office on the tablets for improved interactivity. Furthermore, there’s even the true Metro version of OneNote so that you can use instead of using OneNote desktop version which may be tedious enough but for the desktop version, it actually has more features than the Metro version so even the Metro version of OneNote is inaccurate.

Of course, you don’t make things too small when editing documents like that on the tablet that it may be difficult to make them large again. So, what can we think about re-sizing things on the document on the tablet? What’s good about the interface feature on the tablet is that, instead of separating the button with the arrow into two buttons, the buttons with arrows will trigger the menu when you tap on them which may be neat on the tablet as long as you’re in Touch Mode so for the Normal Mode, things stay in the default way that clicking the arrows next to their related buttons triggers the same menu. So if you want to change the color of the text for example, tapping on the buttons triggers the menu on the tablet so that you can select which color you want but for Normal Mode, clicking on the Font Color button itself (Not the Corresponding Arrow) will change the font color into that color. So let’s say that the Font Color is already in red color and you click on it, not the arrow button, the text you’re in will be changed to red color. I don’t know if certain specialized menus from the Ribbon Bar are inaccurate enough like there’s no enlarging whatsoever to make some space needed for tablet devices. The Main Office Menu or the File Menu, is already improved with proper interactivity for both the tablet and non-tablet devices which may be as neat as using the Start Screen.

Now, about re-sizing and rotating objects on the tablet devices. Doing like that the same way as we do on the normal computer may be insane if there’s a tablet way of rotating and re-sizing objects like using the zooming feature to make the object bigger or smaller or using the rotation feature to rotate the object, that will be like doing these on other programs on other touch screen devices. You cannot use the desktop way to rotate and resize the objects like that on the tablet which may be problem-some like you may end up accidentally dragging the object which is kind of bullshit.

What about the easiest ways to resize headers for rows and columns in Excel on tablets? Even if there’s the easiest way to do this on the tablet, having to use spreadsheet app may be kind of tedious in other ways such as having to drag the bottom-right corner feature to fill in the other cells of information. However, there’s a new feature in Excel 15 called the Flash Fill, which is even quicker in saving you time having to type in all the information one by one even though there is a standard auto-fill based on the previous parts of the information already entered.

The MiniBar ever since Office 2k7 is also improved in Office 15 for the tablets by having larger buttons which may be touch friendly enough. In addition, the MiniBar is improved to have additional stuffs needed for the tablets.

Radial Menus in OneNote 15 may be as special as using the apps that have the radial group of buttons. I think that PocketCloud apparently uses the Radial Group of buttons in case having to tap on the stuff is quite difficult due to things being very small on the screen. By having on the Mouse Simulation button, you can drag the mouse by dragging on the Radial Group thing and then tap the button you want such as simulating the left-click on the button. But here in OneNote 15 on tablets, the Radial Menu is another easy feature for you to tap on and it may be a replacement to the MiniBar.

Overall, Office 15 Beta may be alright to use on the tablet but then, Windows 8 RP for tablets to me is already below average while Windows 8 RP for computers may be above average. Office 15 Beta on the normal computers may be the next great anticipation for you like it is not the waste of your time into trying the opportunity to use it.


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