YouTube Face Blurring

Grahh, hate to see myself in the videos like that but they at YouTube have the brilliant idea of including the Face Blurring technology which is like the online version of Face Blurring stuff in advanced video editors but this one may seem to be easy.

Once you’ve chosen the video you want to blur things out, you can go to the Video Enhancements tool and go to Additional Features and apply the Blur All Faces from there. This will help you to blur the faces in the video but it can’t seem to be the same for sharing videos of bad moments like seeing certain bad guys like that. Perhaps this technology is inaccurate as if even the bad guys are blurred like we can’t know who the culprit is for example. Also, another inaccurate thing is that if you want to show yourself talking to people about certain topics you’ve come up with like a video blog, video review or whatever, perhaps this feature is not for those videos you’re going to come up.


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