Internet Defense League Formed Tomorrow!

IIIIIT’S INTERNET DEFENSE LEAGUE and I’m ready for action for Internet freedom! The blackout in January 18th as well as Wikipedia’s recent blackout this month were just the beginning but this time as we already knew from the previous blog post regarding the newest bill from Lamar Smith which is the global affection, that the new fight over Internet’s freedom is going to begin soon. Various technology giants like Reddit, WordPress and Mozilla for example, are joining along to fight for the freedom. So let’s get started in fighting bad laws!

The Internet Defense League is the Internet defense force that starts to defend the Internet whenever there’s an impending technical trouble that is set to put an end to people’s future or the Internet itself. Think about the Internet’s Emergency Broadcast System from IDL website or the bat signal.The problem is that there have been possession of non-genuine ways of accessing the content from the Internet which may have caused the elected leaders to go biased at us. However, they don’t seem to know shit a lot like they have no rights to set up the politic rules about arresting people over possession of copyrighted stuffs. The result, we have been against those selfishly corrupted congress-persons behind those stupid bills. The solution is that when the internet is in danger because of those bills, we, the normal members of the Internet Defense League will make the report here based on the discoveries at Engadget, Neowin, etc. The most frequent discovery about those bills are likely to be those from Neowin but even then, the bills as we think of are already as pointless as ever to report here in my blogs. Sure, we can encourage people in social networking sites to take emergency actions but I guess it’s effective through the Facebook page for instance. Yes, there should be Internet Defense League Facebook page that I may want to find out what’s going on there. Just like January 18th where even the technology giants including outsiders opposed the bill on that day, we’re going to do the same to future bad bills.

So what are you waiting for, sign up at like I just already did and you have to thank this organization for helping to defeat the previous bills in January like SO** and PI**. But even then, the organization continues this fight over the freedom of the internet as things are not over yet. The war over the internet had already spread all the way to the globe this month and losing this war can mean jail time for everyone which may mark our future’s end in jail.


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