Office in the Cloud

Finally, Office 15 was out this month and I had the opportunity to try it. There are more features than in Office 14 and some of the features are like using Adobe products on the Mac such as zooming in and out in PowerPoint 15. In slide show view, you can zoom in and out using the zooming feature in case people can’t even see what was written on the slides which may be useful but during the presentation, it may be time consuming so you need to plan the presentation properly in order to save time. Other new features include the smooth transitions and animations everywhere in Office 15 software and I was like, wow, things are impressive like that. Since Office 15 is using Cloud Technology, there will be an opportunity to store your documents to Skydrive in addition to connecting your Microsoft account to various sites such as social networking sites like I already connected my Windows Live account to. Also, you can insert online stuffs in addition to inserting the stuff stored on your hard disk. When you install Office 15, you also get to see the video as shown on YouTube I already watched. Unfortunately, it displayed the prototype Office 15 logo at the video’s end which is likely to be a flaw but Microsoft is still working all along. Other than using Skydrive, you can also use SharePoint to store your Office documents and thanks to Cloud Technology, you’re also able to use your Office documents stored on your Skydrive on mobile devices as long as there’s an internet connection as well as the Skydrive and Office apps installed. Best of all, you can share your documents to social networking websites but then there was already an app from Facebook called Docs in which you can store your Office documents there and start sharing. Man, what’s the freaking point of that? Not all people take a shit on the newer prototype technology.

If you have your Office account which is also the Hotmail account, you can access your Office documents at the Office Preview website. It’s similar to viewing your Office documents at Skydrive website but I guess this is much easier than using Skydrive to locate your documents.

Lastly, there’s also the Office 365 Home Premium for home use. At least, I was excited for new technology like this and it seemed that Microsoft decided to expand the Office 365 into different editions. However, those new editions are under Customer Preview as well. Unfortunately, there’s one bastard here. The preview product will expire after months after the product has reached the final stage that I have to stick on using Office 2k10.


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