Office 15 Blog

As the beta version of Microsoft Office 15 will be demonstrated in July 16th or so, they have opened a new blog called the Office Next blog or Office 15 Blog. It seems that the Windows 8 blog was like a hit that they’ve decided to make another blog.
Previously, there was a technical preview version of Office 15 but that wasn’t even publicized. Now, the beta version of Office 15 will be released sometime this summer. Another release from Microsoft this summer is Windows Server 8 Essentials which is the successor to Windows Home Server 7.

By the experience of Office 2k10, there were improvements so far when using PowerPoint. First, the performance is improved when performing such complex animations compared to Office 2k7 which is kind of choppy. Second, there are formula changes in Excel 2k10 so that you can note the differences between the various criteria of the formulas. For example, you want the Standard Deviation formula to be numeric only, I think that you should enter like this, STDEVPA as STDEV.P is the default Standard Deviation formula without whatever formula criteria you want. Other than these examples, I don’t know the other differences between Office 2k10 and 2k7 as I had upgraded from Office XP to Office 2k10 personally the other time to try out the new features. Will Office 15 be much better than Office 2k10? We’ll find out after this weekend.
However, the downside against this excitement is that there was extreme major CME hitting us yesterday which could be more dangerous than the past like we must be prepared for electrical shut-off to prevent such crazy overloading of the electronic appliances. It might range from a standard disaster to a mega one but hopefully, that’s not to worry about this downside as we have other things to get us excited of.


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