The Global Internet War Is Truly Here!

Oh no, if those fights against the bad bills that have not been enough ever since last year, here comes the new upcoming bill that dooms the entire global technology of the internet. Who knows when will that bill be passed that we have to inform everyone around the globe but still, this foolishness from Lamar Smith still has to stop? So get ready for your future’s end in prison like it is coming nearer if the bill passes. This whole new bill of his is like a bunch of digital cosmic viruses striking the entire Internet, infecting everything in their paths around the globe like there’s no fighting back as if the whole technology will be turned into digital organic world thanks to his actions. This is it, this is like the new modern war over the Internet freedom is going to start and this time, he’s come up with the bill called Intellectual Property Attache Act which was in the original S*** bill except that it is not heavily publicized.

This calls for the creation of a global intellectual property task force to stop the crimes but in the bullshit ways. How is this a reference to certain superheroes cartoons anyway? If the bill gets in, it will have expanded the Commerce Department’s role to policing piracy globally and in fact, the bill we all opposed in January 18 will be revived as well. Hopefully, to save the day, this new bill will have to be crushed and cancelled in the opposition’s opinions just like what we did in January 18th when S**A was already crushed to its death.


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