Photos App for Windows 8

It is quite fortunate that Windows 8’s Photo App has the ability to contain online photos such as the ones stored on social networking sites and Skydrive. Besides this app, we can use other Metro cloud apps that contain online data but the storage belongs to the cloud services and not the respective standard Metro apps in Windows 8. The ICloud service gets around the problem with the synchronization of the data stored in your IOS devices and you can also use the service and ITunes to synchronize your data in your computer as well. Just like using your Windows Live account in which you can view social networking posts because you’ve connected it to various social networking sites, this is basically the same story in People App in Windows 8 in which your Windows Live account is the Microsoft account. In addition, there will be an import feature for the app that allows you to import photos from external devices and other Windows 8 devices. Another addition is that you can apply any picture you want as the background for Photos App. Didn’t the Android and IOS have such thing as applying a background on the Photos/Pictures App? Indeed, you can have customized wallpapers on IOS and Android when it comes to Home and Lock Screens but for Windows 8, the Start Screen’s freedom is a joke! Like other Metro apps, you can use the Share charm to share certain things you want and that includes using the Photos App to share photos to various social networking sites. Hmm, what about the photo editing apps? Well, those will be under third-party apps where you have to get them from the Windows Store or the retail shops where you can use them to edit photos yourself but what’s the point of doing this when editing photos and videos on the devices with retina display?


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