Day of Online Independence

It’s Independence Day in July 4th in the US mixed with Internet freedom and that’s twice the independence for us! There’s another freedom organization called the Declaration of Internet Freedom and it talked about the bad governmental bills said that if we are sick and tired of them. Well, it was a global awareness regarding those bills and it was already a global knowledge of whatever happened to Wikipedia in January 18th. Sure, the English version was shut down to inform the users of such happening and they must be aware that the Internet would be changed in bad way should those bills be passed.

Basically, it’s a website that assigns you the rights of the internet, an open declaration to the collective powers of the people around the globe. In addition to the governmental threats, there are also other threats that can take down the internet so we may have to look out for. Two of the principles from Declaration of Internet Freedom are what we’re going to describe, Innovation and Privacy. For Innovation, no one is to troll, punish or stop us from using new or advanced technology. For Privacy, we are to protect our private information and prevent anyone from asking us to surrender our private information. However, there were already some stupid extinction reinforcements like we’ll be kicked out of school for keeping our social networking account or we’ll not be allowed to do the job at the company we want for not surrendering our passwords. Those bullshits were already against the privacy policies and the popular social networking sites had already taken action in improving the security.

So that website is inviting everyone to get Internet freedom and I already just signed up for that freedom so the link is right here:


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