Project Diva Arcade Ver. B

Urgh, looks like Sega has decided to brighten up the game interface with white and turquoise colored interface while retaining the futuristic background of Vocaloid technology and characters. Last time on the first Project Diva game on Playstation Portable, the whole interface was like black main background and turquoise themed technical interface with the second series having actual blue colored futuristic interface. So, it seems that the first two Project Diva series including Project Diva Arcade Ver. A are looking quite visually futuristic but now, it seems that Project Diva F and Arcade Ver. B are starting to look like the brighter version of the mentioned interface.

Game interface aside, Version B of Project Diva Arcade is going to be out in July 5th. It features the rival score battle system that is a comparison of your score and the other player’s score of the specific song in specific difficulty. Also, you can have the option to choose ‘Random’ in song and module selections. In addition, there will be screenshot taking feature for the PV mode similar to Project Diva series on PSP in which you can upload the screenshots online with the Diva.NET account. There will be Excellent grade taken from Project Diva 2nd as well as the Twitter integration if you have your Diva.NET account. This may be similar to other rhythm games on the arcade where you tweets are recorded using the arcade machines. The cabinet will have artwork changes in addition to having the new poster. Talk about Project Diva Arcade 2nd or something if that’s the case of major changes. Lastly, the music for the Game Start, Advertisement and Game Clear will be changed in Ver.B.


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