Vocaloid songs in Jubeat Plus

Wow, looks like I didn’t notice this update but apparently, Konami had the plans to add in the Nico Music Pack 1 which turns out to be the pack of Vocaloid songs for Jubeat Plus. This pack was released last month and it looked like Konami was doing right unlike Sound Voltex Booth which has crappy Vocaloid renditions of the Bemani songs and some songs which are famously tremendous in that game are like, Second Heaven, Red Zone, Evans and so on. The original version of those songs are awesome enough actually and I bet that Konami forgot to take down the crappy renditions off that game. Those renditions had already annoyed the fans of Bemani and Vocaloid and who the hell is going to play them in Sound Voltex Booth and it may seem that Konami was doing the wrong way.

The four songs in this pack for Jubeat Plus are Butterfly In Your Right Shoulder, Thousand Sakura, Romeo and Cinderella and Happy Synthesizer. Previously, Butterfly In Your Right Shoulder was in Project Diva 2nd, Extend and Arcade with the DLC version being the 39th Giving Day Edition which is also in Extend as well. Also, Happy Synthesizer was in Project Mirai and it will be in Sega’s Maimai which will be released a month later.

Overall, the Vocaloid songs in Jubeat Plus are the next things to play instead of playing Sound Voltex Booth due to how terrible some renditions are for that game. At least, the original Vocaloid composed songs for Sound Voltex Booth are good enough so we’ve got to give the composers the credits.


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