DJ Max Technika Tune for Playstation Vita

Will DJ Max games be the next ones for me to play? So far, I know like a little amount of songs so playing those will not be easy and the gameplay is assumed to be tough. Thankfully, there’s DJ Max Technika series which may have simplified the gameplay and I believe that there’s going to be the Playstation Vita version. So, speaking of Playstation Vita release, the gameplay can work with the touch screen controls and it is the only consumer release. The original arcade version is in HD widescreen resolution and the arcade cabinet has two monitors which display duplicated screen. One is for gameplay and the other monitor is for the people to watch which may be unique to see someone playing. What a show off but the cabinet can be damn expensive like that.

DJ Max Technika Tune for Playstation Vita will be released in Summer this year.


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