More Project Diva F Update–More songs

While the game will be released in August 30 for Playstation Vita, there is another update coming in with more songs to contribute with. Previous update included Secret Police and Melancholic and this time, more songs are introduced such as Dye, Fire Flower, Freely Tomorrow, Hai Hai Hai Ni, Nostalogic, Odds & Ends and Time Machine.

Out of seven new songs that will be used in Project Diva F, some of them sound too J-Pop-like as if the Vocaloids shouldn’t be the first ones to sing those songs off. However, by saying that, what’s the point of calling them Vocaloid songs like that?

Moreover, there was an E3 Demo version tested in western countries with translated language. However, the disadvantages on international release of Project Diva games will be like, the people who don’t appreciate Vocaloid  technology or discover the technology in a dumb and childish way as if they will be picked on verbally like hell in cyber ways by the actual fans of the technology, or perhaps the reviewers. For game reviews, I can’t seriously guarantee on what the reviewers will do should there be an international release. However, to get around these problems as stated here, I can suggest the international release of Project Diva Arcade instead and that should be it. The reasons on why I can’t guarantee on the international release over game reviews are like those dumbasses may troll on the god damn game, the technology or perhaps on how Japanese this content can be. I may assume that those retarded reviewers in the west may eventually give the international release the average or slightly above average scores. Moreover, someone from IGN tried to be busybody the other time on Project Mirai like there’s a serious lack of research and knowledge all along.


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