Idolmaster Shiny Festa for PSP

While we have been reporting the news of the upcoming updates for Project Diva F, Arcade and Dreamy Theater Extend, it seems that Namco is trying to compete with Sega with itchy guts after collaborating with them on having Idolmaster DLCs for Project Diva series.

Unlike the actual games in the franchise, this one’s the actual rhythm game divided into three titles on the PSP. The concepts consist of the idols in anime mode, drama mode and other modes as well as the band and idol performances. What do you get when the Idolmaster games have become the true rhythm games like the idols are seen performing on stage while the on-screen rhythm notes are displayed that you’re supposed to press the corresponding buttons to the beat? You get the Project Diva competitor like this upcoming game. If you appreciate the anime music including the Vocaloid one, that’s the good thing but if you behave like a fag or something to someone over this, you don’t want that.

Now for the gameplay concept, it’s still looking like Taiko Drum Master but you need to press the corresponding buttons when the notes reach the yellow circle in the center. Well, it’s a bit awkward at first compared to Taiko Drum Master gameplay but if you have played the actual Idolmaster games like the second series or perhaps Live 4 You, there may be rhythm gaming elements in there as well.


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