Calendar App on Windows 8

On the IOS devices, there are Reminders app as well as the Clock app which has the timer and alarm clock. The Reminders app is that you can add the tasks to remind yourself of what’s going to happen next similar to adding events on the Calendar app. Certain events like birthdays, anniversaries and other facility-specific events are added to the calendar but the default kind of events on the online calendar in your account is the users’ birthdays. What’s also surprising is that when your birthday arrives and you try to Google something, you will notice the Google Doodle that represents your birthday. The Reminder app also has the alarm clock for the tasks you already specified.

On Windows 8, the reminder component is part of the Calendars app but this is kind of ridiculous compared to IOS devices. Well, there should be TASK, THE TASK APP, and THAT’S SOMETHING WINDOWS 8 SHOULD HAVE. So how the heck does the app remind you? Obviously the notification area is on the top right side in the Metro form. It reminds you like that so that you won’t miss whatever important events and tasks you have. On the Start Screen, the Calendar app can display the notifications on whatever is happening next which is similar to Windows Phone 7 devices. On the IOS devices, the notification from Calendar, Clock and Reminders apps is obviously on the center of the screen like it is here to distract you by such kind of reminder which may be the good distraction. What about the alarm clock sound on Windows 8? Will that be the good way of reminding you what’s going on?

For the Metro Snap for Calendar app, it is again another useful feature but the challenge is likely to be the time, venue, priority and locational route of the events. The meaning of locational route is about knowing where to go by establishing the path to the respective venues. Using the Google Maps or Bing Maps, you need to determine the transport or walking route depending on the venue and choose the route that doesn’t take up so much time or currency to proceed.

Overall, this is seriously useful for tablets and all other types of computers but in a ridiculous way in reminding you on what’s going to happen next.


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