Google downtime means Great Financial Loss

Wow, what a technical disaster for Google! How could that happen? The downtime of Google can seriously affect the entire globe and the users have no choice but to switch to secondary competitor, Bing. Of course, not all search results are accurate enough on Bing but it seems that they’re working on something else instead of Bing service. So we, users, are quite curious on what caused the downtime.

  • Did the hackers intruded on the company network?
  • Did some disaster strike?
  • Did someone trip on the networking or electric environment?

Well, according to Zdnet, there was some promise that Google Apps will be free from the downtime but is it true enough?

Using Business Continuity Technology strategy, we are able to figure out how much loss Google will make should there be a downtime. It’s a major IT company we already know of and consequences for downtime will be major. You can refer to RYP Marketing’s calculation strategy regarding the Google Downtime.

Once again, some news like this is referred from Neowin.

By SilveryFJ Posted in Google

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