Silver Forest Disbanded

How regretful to inform you of this this is by the way? According to Silver Forest official website the other time, the vocal artist is in not in good health and she’s suffering from some disease that the entire group would be bound to be disbanded at the end of last month. Well, there has been great efforts from Silver Forest and especially for other Touhou Indie Artist Groups like IOSYS, Cool & Create and so on but starting this month, Silver Forest is already no more. Why the suffering like this, you may ask? Who knows but I do have some assumptions.

  • The idea for newer Touhou remix soundtracks may not be quite easy or so like trying to increase motivation or some sort.
  • The lack of some parts of redundancy might be cause of disbanding. Why not have the other vocal artists from Silver Forest to take over instead of disbanding the entire group?
  • Overshadowed? Nah, it sounds jackass to say so but their works are already awesome all along.
  • The songs we already know of from the Touhou franchise are likely to be remixed tons of times countlessly.
  • Not all people may accept the contents of the franchise? Well, this can’t be the reason regarding the disbanding.
  • Too much of motivated energy has been used up?

Well, the assumptions here may not be true as we don’t know the true reason on why is this happening to Silver Forest.


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