IPv6 Day is here again to keep the Internet growing and active

Today makes THE DAY OF IPV6! Wow, I’m fucking excited for this and I already have my GogoNet account as well as the GogoClient installed on my computer. However this time, I’m going to make the rest of my workstation enabled to IPv6 as well into installing GogoClient on all the partitions out there.

Today is June 6th, which means that participating ISPs, hardware manufacturers and search engines must stick to their word and permanently enable the IPv6 address system and we’re encouraged to do the same like I already did. The ultimate purpose of this is to allow trillions of users to have their own IPv6 address, instead of just a paltry few billion permitted by the IPv4 standard that continues in parallel. Will the Internet collapse that people will lose their jobs due to this? No, this will not happen thanks to Google and the others having tested the system during the pilot programs.

Last year, I was IPv6 enabled with the GogoClient tool on my computer after stumbling upon the news about running out of IPv4 addresses during my college days. I might have tried to implement IPv6 address on my DIR-615 router but it didn’t work that way. Also, the organization which oversees the allocation of IP address, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority or IANA, ran out of IP addresses to give in February last year during my Chinese New Year days. This caused a serious technical problem that will be effective in the future as the Internet users will have to begin sharing IP addresses if a new IP isn’t put into place. This is like running out of copies of the product you’re selling and there’s no way further customers will be able to get the product. But there’s already a solution all along which is making more copies of the product for instance and deploying more IPv6 enabled devices as well as more encouragement to get ISPs and their customers IPv6 enabled. Now, there will be plenty of newer IP addresses to get around the problem and companies and services and others participating in the deployment of IPv6 have already implemented the new standard.

Now, let’s base this article on the article from Google Official Blog. When the Internet launched operationally in the 80’s, its creators never dreamed that there might be billions of devices and users trying to get online. But now, almost three decades later, it appears that there are nearly 2.5 billion people and 11 billion devices across the globe that we’re running out of space. Actually, it might have seemed that IANA and other organizations that manage the IPv4 addresses, had already run out.

In order to connect to the Internet, each device has to have an IP address, a numerical label which identifies every computer, smartphone, tablet, E-book reader, etc. IP address allows machines to find and communicate with each other online. Without the IP addresses, you can’t check the email, visit websites or even watch videos for example and in fact, you can’t even get the network access if you have the invalid IP address. But like a telephone network that is running out of phone numbers, the current Internet is already running out of IP addresses like it’s already happening nowadays ever since last year.

The Internet so far today has space for 2^32 addresses which is about 4.3 billion. The new, larger IPv6 expands the limit to 2^128 addresses which is more than 340 trillion, trillion and trillion addresses. It is enough for essentially unlimited growth for the foreseeable future. Without the rollout of IPv6 which should have happened last year and this year, there will be no room we need to grow the Internet.

While some of your devices may already share a single address, if IPv6 isn’t implemented, you will soon have to share a single address with multiple people or even a whole neighborhood. This is indeed a bad idea and this tangled, constrained Internet will be unsafe and unsustainable.

IPv6 Day which is already happening today is coordinated by the Internet Society, marks the day that they are switching on IPv6 permanently in parallel with IPv4. Looks like Google is one of these participants and they’re proud to experiment the IPv6 networking, virtually all Google’s services have been available over IPv6 for a while but IPv6 access was only available to networks participating in the Google Over IPv6 program. From now on after this day, these services will be made available to any IPv6 network on the Internet.

The complete transition from Google will take some time. I already had my computer enabled to IPv6 the other time and I’m already enabled today. Using GogoClient Utility, I can connect to various IPv6 websites and before this blog post is bound to be posted, there was an invitation to IPv6 Day on Facebook and I wonder if that is an online event, offline event or both. And I can’t even believe that my ISP staff knew nothing about this when I told about it the last time, lol. That is going to sound dishonest like there was no awareness whatsoever.


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