Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 RP

They might have built the experience by extending IE’s underlying architecture to provide a fast, fully hardware-accelerated browsing engine with strong security and support for HTML5 and other web standards. The browser may provide the best protection from malicious software on the web while providing convenient control over your online privacy. How true this can be when it comes to Windows 8 tablets and on ARM devices? If they are supposed not to have desktop support, then there’s still sign of virus infection that targets the desktop mode files which may contain both the core of the Metro and desktop experiences. Perhaps, the Metro style browsing experience is the best way to browse on the touch screen devices. Metro style browsing offers you a full-screen ,immersive site experience like other browsers on the tablet devices except that this one’s completely chrome-less. Using the Charms bar, you can share and print stuff and search for various stuff you want to look for but what’s missing though, is the bookmarks for Metro edition. In other tablet OSes, their web browsers surely have the bookmark management. Sure, you can search by text as well as to share something and switch the tabs. Eventually, the fast speed is still focused on the SSD devices and other computers that are even better than mine to be frank.

The Release Preview version of IE10 Metro edition includes its own Adobe Flash Player Metro version. How the heck did Adobe collaborate with Microsoft like that? With Flash Player on IE10 Metro, this won’t be a problem accessing certain Flash stuff so it’s kind of fair enough just like using other tablet devices. So sites like YouTube may still have best experience with Flash as watching videos like that in HTML5 mode is kind of bitchy in terms of the interaction and there’s still delay whatsoever. Can IE10 Metro edition get around the problem for HTML5 mode of YouTube? In fact, the Javascript is also the pain in the ass like things refuse to work when clicking on the Javascript links on the browsers.

What about copying some stuff from IE10 Metro browser on the tablet? I haven’t seen this working like that as I’m using Windows 8 on my laptop. Can you copy the picture, whole paragraph, whole sentence, certain words or perhaps, parts of the screen on the Windows 8 tablet? If this kind of copying is there, good for the company. Otherwise, it’s a serious shame on Microsoft. There will be AutoCorrect when you enter stuff on the browser.

There are certain things like double tapping to zoom in and out and toggling full screen on and off on the browser. For toggling full screen on and off by double tapping, this is in Release Preview when focusing on HTML5 video.

The SmartScreen and InPrivate browsing are still there but the other parts of security are missing in IE10 Metro version. If those from the desktop version are put in Metro version, then the Metro version will be as secure as I can guess. What’s new in Release Preview is that there will be Paste and Go command for fast navigation to copied URLs or search terms on the clipboard. The address bar supports the progress indicator when the page is loading and includes indicators for site compatibility and tracking protection. The navigation bar includes commands for Find On Page, and Open in IE on the desktop mode which is supposed to be unnecessary for tablets. Opening IE desktop edition is for compatibility with sites that require legacy plug-in technologies, or for when you are using desktop tools and wish to continue in your existing workflows. Perhaps not all plugins are likely to work correctly on desktop web browsers.

Then there comes a disadvantage though for Release Preview version, the page flip which flips through the entire webpage which is not a good thing. It should be in the Reader app, not the web browser because the PDF files are like virtual books on the Kindle and Ipad where you can flick left and right to flip pages and flipping pages like that on the web is a lousy idea. Imagine that you’re reading articles on the news or blogs and you see some navigations on the top side, left side and right side of the web and you flip like that to see the next article. That is freaking awkward and there’s no flipping on this blog either as we’re already moving on to abstract/futuristic sort of blog design on this blog. You know, transitioning to next tabs may be worth it. After all, the article section is vertical so is the rest of the blog layout.

Like the desktop version of IE10, you can clean up the tabs in the Metro version. I guess this closes the other tabs leaving the current tab intact.

IE10 takes a clean, “low nag” approach to notifications. All alerts and user prompts come through a notification bar at the bottom of the screen. It uses the Metro style “fly-outs” when more interaction is needed. This is like the Open With Metro edition when you want to use which app to open which type of file like opening PNG files with Photos app for instance. Notification bars automatically dismiss as appropriate. Downloads in the Metro style browser protect you from malicious software via SmartScreen’s Application Reputation similar to the desktop edition. The Release Preview adds support for “pop-up” windows as background tabs in the Metro style experience.

In Release Preview, the developers can provide higher resolution PNG file site icon and specify the tile background color. With IE10, sites can provide background notifications for new messages and other account activity on the website. The site can also program additional commands that appear in IE’s navigation bar in a touch-friendly way, the same way that sites can program jumplists for desktop edition.

Oh man, if only there’s a trademark button about linking to specific Metro apps at Windows Store just like linking to specific IOS app at the ITunes App Store. What this mean is that if you’ve stumbled upon WordPress App for Windows 8, you can click on the button that brings you to Windows Store and goes directly to WordPress App just like clicking on the button that goes to ITunes App Store. Moreover, you’re going to need ITunes client in order to download apps using your computer. However, an inaccurate thing they did was to add Get App For This Site command from the menu that has Find On Page and View On The Desktop. That sounds kind of bullshit not because Windows 8 isn’t still finalized yet.

Now, for Charms that cooperate with IE10, the Search charm is an optional way to search stuff on the net elsewhere the Devices charm can allow you to print, project and play to external device.

Next, IE10 offers the same industry leading security, privacy and reliability features, building on IE9’s SmartScreen, XSS filtering, Application Reputation, InPrivate Browsing, Tracking Protection and Hang Detection and Recovery. Well, it seems that those features on the desktop edition still behave like those on IE9 as well like there’s no difference whatsoever when the browser crashes for example. For Metro version, I don’t know the actual difference. In addition, IE10 makes the security and privacy more convenient with Enhanced Protected Mode for better isolation of website content in each tab, and new in RP is one simple setting for sending the Do Not Track signal to websites. The Do Not Track signal may be damn useful as if nobody can mess with you like that but if you’re using other browsers or perhaps Windows 7 and below, who knows?

Summary of improvements from CP to RP version

  • Support for full-screen HTML5 video, including double tap that toggles full screen on and off.
  • Support for Flash in Metro IE10
  • Context menu for Save Image and Paste and Go
  • Support for High-Res image for pinned sites tile in Start Screen. Pinned sites on Start Screen? Well, that’s not considered bookmarks like that by the way
  • Integrated network troubleshooting tools in Metro style IE
  • Auto-complete drop down in Metro style IE
  • Do Not Track setting for RP version

Overall, this may seem to be quite okay for desktop and laptop users but for tablet users, it’s like a freaking disappointment due to the fact that there’s not enough good work done and therefore, the browser is kind of slightly below average for tablet users. It was average for CP version for tablet users but hopefully, Microsoft should try even harder or there will be scolding for sure for not putting up enough finalized resources on the web browser. It’s okay for desktop and laptop users but it’s not for tablet users. So the Metro version of IE10 RP for tablet users will be more like IE10 Cloud Release instead.


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