Users infected with DNSChanger will be warned

The worse case is bound to happen, the hundreds of thousands of computers will soon risk to lose the Internet connection because of the unpleasant aftermaths of an already disbanded threat known as DNSChanger. It is a malware that tinkers with the standard DNS settings of the PC Internet connection to redirect traffic to malicious sites. It was put to rest thanks to an international effort on November last year and it already infected more than 4 million computers globally. Nowadays, it is still there on those infected computers that they will surely lose internet access. For us, we’re already using OpenDNS in which they claim that we won’t be infected by DNSChanger and we can still continue to surf the net without any worry.

The non-profit organization, Internet Systems Consortium, succeeded in seizing the malicious DNS servers used by the malware, replacing them with a safe counterpart controlled by the FBI. It is estimated that 500K computers have a still-working Internet connection thanks to those replacement servers from FBI. However, there’s one twist, the connection cut-off for those computers will happen on July 9, when the FBI plans to shut down the temporary servers.

In the meantime, Google will try to prevent this massive connection cut-off by warning the infected systems’ owners with message display to them visiting its many websites and online services before it’s too late that the cut-off will happen in July 9.

By SilveryFJ Posted in Google

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