Windows 8 for multiple monitors

Today’s PCs with multiple monitors obviously have the same desktop background and the boot-up system takes place on the primary monitor of your computer.

With the upcoming Windows 8, there will be goals in embracing the multi-monitor support.

  1. Different wallpapers on different monitors – You can use different wallpapers or perhaps the panoramic wallpapers. Plus there will be different desktop slideshows on different monitors. In addition, there are multiple options for configuring the taskbar for different monitors such as having duplicate taskbars on all the monitors. But then, how the heck are we supposed to know which monitor do we want to use one of the specific tasks on?
  2. Different types of apps on different monitors – Well, how the hell can we get the Metro interaction like that, lol? Sure you can run Metro app on one of the monitors in addition to running the desktop app on the other but the Metro interactivity between monitors will not be an easy thing as you end up moving the mouse between them and who knows if this is a perfect support? How about multi-monitors with touch screen support? Holy cow, that will be freaking cool like that with the Metro interactivity around but this is not quite easy for desktop and laptops like that for developers of the operating system.

And that looks like it and the Release Preview will be rumored to be out in June 1st.


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