Project Diva F for PSV and PS3 Update

Two more songs coming in and they are Secret Police and Melancholic. Well, Secret Police, whose concert is taking place in prison? Who can mind in teaching the prisoners the various dances to Vocaloid songs, lol? That wasn’t the first time they were taught the respective dances that were the famous internet memes. But having this idea to happen in real life can cause certain prisoners to complain like that not because Vocaloid is something unusual in terms of virtual singing compared to real music artists. Sure it’s technical if you ask but I don’t know if there will be a concert like that displayed on the projector inside the prison, lol? Next song is the song that was already in Project Mirai but the dance and costume things for that song can be seen in AR mode compared to the gameplay and PV modes whose song is obviously using the music video using the original music video.

Other updates include the Technical Zone Bonus which is something like Challenge Bonus or whatever as well as the actual title of the game. Perhaps F stands for Final, Finale or something.

The release date for Project Diva F will be in August 30th for Playstation Vita and next year for Playstation 3. Who knows how the next title for PS3 version will be called?


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