Skydrive update

Looks like there are more account updates coming in. Starting today, the public work of mine will be shared on Google Drive and the new Skydrive in addition to my DropBox storage. As we already know, it is already accessible through mobile apps and HTML5 as well as Office and 3rd party apps. Last time, there was already Windows Live Mesh in which I’m already using to store my gaming related development works. However, that storage is as private as un-sharable to the public and it can be synchronized between the program’s separate Skydrive storage and my computers.

Today, there are newer features for Skydrive as of this year such as new storage options just like other cloud services, apps that connect your devices to Skydrive similar to other cloud services and the desktop app for the computer similar to other cloud services’ desktop apps. There’s also the Metro app for Skydrive but there’s no way the automatic synchronization can happen between your Skydrive cloud storage and your device. If there’s one, it can be on par but then this is Metro version so things are different. Imagine trying to synchronize your music, photos and videos from your phone’s storage to the cloud automatically through some app, that should be what Metro Skydrive can be. It may be great like that for Windows 8 like there may be some data installed for hidden desktop operation but what about other platforms then? At least, you can store your data to the cloud and depending on the location and device, you can retrieve your corresponding data from there and start working on.

  • Skydrive Desktop Client – Just like DropBox, you can automatically synchronize data between devices and the cloud and manage your data on the devices you’re using.
  • Fetching data – I bet that easy retrieval and access to data from your Skydrive cloud can be suitable to computers having the desktop app, non-desktop app or both. Moreover, there’s also the online Office app that you can easily open the office documents online through Skydrive or email without having the obtain the Skydrive app.
  • Skydrive storage updates – As I’m the existing user, I already upgraded to 25GB for free as they are increasing the limit to 7GB. This is similar to other cloud services but higher the storage size can mean the higher the cost.
  • Skydrive for other devices – More platforms will soon have Skydrive for sure for better management features and sharing options.

You can get the Skydrive desktop app like I already did and it’s compatible for Windows Vista and above.

Three months ago, they announced the Metro version for Windows 8, the desktop version and the feature called ‘fetch’ that allows you to remotely access data from a connected computer. Just like Windows Live Mesh, as long as your computer with Skydrive desktop app installed is turned on and connected, the data from that computer can be remotely accessed. The data on Skydrive mounted drive which is the mounted cloud drive on your computer can be done online and offline. When you’re connected, the service will check to see if the data is modified and then synchronize the updated data. If the data is removed on your computer, so is the one from your cloud.

In Windows 7 and 8, you can add the folders from Skydrive to the corresponding libraries but if you’re offline, I can assume that your Skydrive data is inaccessible, leaving the local data accessible.

You can also change the location on where your Skydrive data will be stored on your computer but that is during the setup and you can’t change the location after that. This is one mistake that makes Skydrive on par with other cloud services like DropBox but more will be implemented, pretty soon.

In order to do some fetching however, you will have to provide a second factor of authentication beyond your account password. You’ll need to enter the code that is sent on your mobile phone or alternate email address if you’re already signed in to your Microsoft account.

Today, the limit will be changed to 7GB but if you’re already an existing Skydrive user and I am, you can increase to 25GB for free like I just did. However, there are other storage plans you can use but they costly just like other cloud services. Also, as a Windows Phone or IOS user, with the latest update, you can delete, rename and move data on the Skydrive but is there a reason not to include the Copy feature?

Overall, I’m already using Skydrive desktop app in addition to Live Mesh so I’ll try to make today’s public work available on my Skydrive cloud storage as well.


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