Eschatos Arrange BGM DLC Update–Survive

OK, I had already waited until May 11th which was yesterday to see if things progressed on the internet but in May 9th, Yousuke Yasui came up with his new video of himself playing Survive from Eschatos. This time, the music is using the Arrange DLC version compared to Silver Lining which used the original one. Either way, he played this song with the guitar which sounds quite good.

Unfortunately for me, the DLC is not for us as I guess that DLCs like this are apparently in Japan only. Sure, you can get this game from retail store or Games On Demand but the DLCs are region locked. Yes, you can get the patch of this game that allowed the vertical mode for Judgment Silversword and Cardinal Sins for example as well as the ability to switch soundtrack at Eschatos title screen but this can’t seem to be same for Asian Xbox 360 players like us.


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