Cave Goods Corner, their future sales in June

Looks like there’s one more Cave Festival before the closure of the online shop at the end of this month happens for real. This is indeed a sad month but the farewell actually applies to the Cave Festival as their future shop will be held somewhere in Kotobukiya which their shop will be opened there in June. That can be where you can buy stuffs from there. Certain examples you can buy are soundtrack CDs, home accessories that are tribute to the popular Cave games out there, bags and the list goes on. Their future shop will be located on first floor but you can take a look at the other categories that are tributes to other stuffs as well usually other games and animes and the shop contains multiple floors where you can find more of these there. What’s more, you can even see the display showcasing the promotion videos related to their corresponding products. Be it the existing games that are available for the arcades or consoles or the animes in OVA or TV series format that can be watched on TV channels or perhaps Blu-Ray and DVD. That depends on the promotion video but also take note that you have to know the dates of how things are likely to happen to the products. Let’s say that the game was recently released this year for the arcade, you have to know when it was released so that you can catch the opportunity to play it after the day of the release. Otherwise, perhaps the soundtrack CD of the game is something you may want to listen to instead after you’ve found out the game’s release date.

Now this may be a future opportunity to buy certain Cave accessories with simple cash but who knows if the soundtrack CD of Dodonpachi Maximum and Saidaioujou will be available again in June. The company does but then you can explore the area of soundtrack CDs related to respective Cave shmup games. I don’t know if they will be on sale again next month but still, we have to focus on what’s going on this month.


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