Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 2 Update

So here we go with the information we already had about this upcoming sequel. First is that there will be true 3D graphics as well as the new graphics engine that surely makes the graphics look much better and 3D-ish than the ones in Episode 1. In Episode 2, there will be newer sounds, music instruments, gameplay mechanics, zones and even more. The Special Stages on the other hand are kind of slow bags. The speed is fast but not that fast, perhaps to make things fair in collecting the required number of rings properly. When speeding up with the dash pads, the entire motion blur distracts everything but then, the graphics seem to be damn great as we already said. Another downside is that there are recycled zones from Episode 1 and for some reason, the zones in Episode 1 are not remade with the new engine used in Episode 2. But what’s nice though is that one of the zones from Sonic CD that is remade twice. One from Sonic Generations and the other from this upcoming game. Speaking of that zone, you’ll hear off the 16-Bit Genesis rendition of Metal Sonic race theme and believe me, I found that race thing damn difficult when playing Sonic CD. It was so tough that it took me a number of tries to get that race thing beat in order to proceed to the final zone which is another difficult one. In fact, this kind of 2D racing will be back in Episode 2 and we’re not even kidding about it. I don’t know if I’m able to get past Death Egg Act 1 like that for the first try once I have this game on XBLA. Lastly, there are also recycled songs from Episode 1 and at the end of the credits, it looks like you’re watching Star Wars or some sort like you see the background scrolling down to reveal Mobius along with two heroes still dropping down to its surface. To me, I was kind of reminded of Gradius Gaiden ending where we have managed to get out of the enemy fortress after defeating the final boss and at the end of the credits, we see P***** Gradius at the bottom of the screen. It may be another surprise to compare this ending with the post-final boss part of Rocket Knight Adventures for Genesis where we escape from the enemy fortress and return back to the planetary surface but then some enemy tries to get in our way that we have to keep on dodging it until it gets burnt by the atmosphere.

It seems that the incomplete version was leaked to Steam in April before it was taken down by Sega. This is to know that the game release date is actually in May and I guess that this is not the first game we had ever experienced things like that. Basically, it’s the finalized game that was leaked earlier than the game’s actual release date that caused the gameplay videos to be posted to the net. This may be difficult for game developers to take down videos like that if there are too many of them but it seems that the uploaders will be warned about this consequence via comments.

The release date for Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 2 will be sometime in May to July depending on the platforms.


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