Next Project Diva Update

I thought that you might need to tap on the star symbols to the beat but I was wrong. You’re supposed to rub the screen to the beat and that is the new part of the gameplay mechanics. Now how the heck can this make sense like that? Can’t you slide on the screen up and down as if you’re acting like a DJ or something?

At Nico Nico Douga, someone took the videos and posted them as live footages to Nico Nico Douga of this game that is currently in development. So far, there are like two songs but the interface is starting to be changed as if this new Project Diva game will be like Project Diva 3rd or something. Other than rubbing the screen to the beat which is the new part of the gameplay, the gameplay still remains identical but then the bonus scoring mechanics are likely to be worked on. Hopefully, the songs in this sequel will be backported to previous Project Diva games but the new parts of the gameplay mechanics will be missing by then. If the songs from this sequel are in Project Diva Arcade, chances are that there will be graphical changes and the gameplay in the arcade version will be nothing new by then. At this rate, there’s no way the graphics engine can be changed like that. I can imagine that in the future or something, there will be a sequel to Project Diva Arcade with newer interface, newer interactivity and newer graphics engine that is comparable to this upcoming sequel for Playstation Vita and 3.


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