Eschatos Arrange BGM Pack DLC Update

We’ve identified the soundtrack for this DLC by another video we already discovered. It features the Area Set BGMs, boss battle BGMs, Option Unlock BGM and so on. In addition to these tracks, there are also two bonus tracks. One of them is Point of No Return Special Arrange and Stellar Light with Vocaloid. However, you’ll have to take note for Stellar Light Vocaloid arrange that it is using the Vocaloid that is not from Crypton Future Media. I may expect one from Crypton Future Media to do the singing after hearing that in the PV video as if things can be better like that. Speaking of Point of No Return Special Arrange, it seems that some arranger must have heard my arrangement or something which was done last year and he made some arrangement that sounded even better. Out of my soundtrack arrangement of Eschatos, it appeared that Point of No Return is likely to be the best one. While the Arrange BGM Pack DLC was already out in April 25th, we’ll have to wait for May 10th for the soundtrack CD to be out for sales.


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